Katie's World

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Examples of her work

In Katie’s world anything can be Art. With her enthusiasm for recycling nothing is safe – footballs, buckets and spades, beads, buttons, shoes, handbags, rubber ducks, knives and forks, cuddly toys in their hundreds, fridge magnets, cuckoo clocks…in fact thousands of everyday objects combine to make colourful, quirky Junk Art sculptures. People, birds and animals emerge from this treasure trove of rubbish.

Katie’s work varies from imaginative mixed-media wall-pieces, figures and animals using a wide range of materials: recycled wood, metal and found objects combine with plastic, old toys and games, machine parts, household objects, fabric and paint to create complex assemblages. They range in scale from a few foot tall to several metres in width and can be hanging, on board or canvas, or freestanding. Many are interactive, they can be touched, smelt and even tasted. Recent pieces have also included battery-operated kinetic sculptures and edible Art!

Katie's larger scale sculptures are often then photographed and manipulated to produce futuristic digital prints on watercolour paper, deftly combining traditional and modern printing methods to produce truly unique images.