Katie's Experience

You can see how busy she's been!


Katie is an experienced artist working in schools and colleges across Northern Ireland, inspiring children and teachers alike with her funny, entertaining m educational art classes and junk sculpture projects. She has worked with many different organisations, charities, community groups and universities and collaborated with scientists, artists, actors, pre-schoolers and members of the public over a career spanning 20 years. She has also partipated in and exhibited at several prestigous Arts Festivals and sold and exhibited work as far afield as Japan, USA, Mexico, New Zealand and Ireland, North and South.

EXHIBITIONS: Selected examples

July 10   SOLO           "Animal Magic", Island Arts Centre, Lisburn, Co. Down
April 10 SOLO           "Toying With You", Creative Exchange Artists Studios, Belfast
Feb 10                      “Compositions”, Creative Exchange, Waterfront Hall, Belfast.
July 09   SOLO           “WizardWonderland”, Island Arts Centre, Lisburn CoDown.
July 08   SOLO           “Mad Hatter’s Tea Party”, Island Arts Centre, Lisburn, Co. Down.
Jan 08                      “BODY” Creative Exchange, UU Gallery, Belfast
Jan 07                      “MILL”, The Engine Room Gallery, Belfast.
Oct 06   SOLO           Leanbh, Drogheda Arts Festival for Children, Drogheda.
Oct 06   SOLO           Baboro International Arts Festival For Children, Galway.
May 06  SOLO           “Flotsam & Jetsam”, Market Place Theatre, Armagh.
Apr 06   SOLO          Katie Blue, The Context Gallery, Londonderry
Mar 06  SOLO           Transart, 21 Artists Ride The Buses, Creative Exchange.
Jan 06                       Friendship Show, The Hedge Artspace, Belfast.
Dec 05                      “Katie’s Christmas Carnival”, Context Gallery, Derry.
Oct 05                      “Many Hands”, The Engine Room Gallery, Belfast
Jun 05   SOLO           “Finders’ Keepers”, Basement Gallery, Dundalk, Louth
May 05                     “Body, Mind, Spirit”, Naughton Gallery, Belfast.
Apr 05                     “Baker’s Dozen”, Durango, Colorado, USA.
Mar 05                     “Baker’s Dozen”, New Plymouth, New Zealand.
Sep 04   SOLO          “Finders’ Keepers”, Play Resource Centre, Belfast.
Jul 04    SOLO          “Finders’ Keepers”, Island Arts Centre, Lisburn, Down.
Jun 04                     “Revealing Objects”, Naughton Gallery, Belfast.
May 04                     Recycled Sculptures: EHS, Balmoral Show, Belfast.
Dec 02                      “Angels”, St.Patrick’s Centre, Downpatrick, Co. Down.
Sept 94                    A Renaissance of Irish Crafts, Philadelphia, USA.
Nov 93   SOLO          Katie Blue at the Hugh Frew Gallery, Belfast.
Aug 93   SOLO          Katie Blue Exhibition, Deane’s, Helen’s Bay.


1990-91 Postgrad. Diploma in Applied Arts, University of Ulster, Belfast.

1987-1990 BA (Hons) Fine Craft Design, University of Ulster, Belfast.


2001-2002 Certificate in British Sign Language. Level 2.

1992-93 Boston College, Massachusetts, USA. DEBI Entrepreneurial Business Studies Program.

1991-2 University of Ulster Business School, Graduate Enterprise Program.


2006 Arts Council NI Award

2006 Artist In Residency at St. Mary's College, Falls Rd, Belfast.